Kitchens Are Being Used To Store Clothes!

We talked about how you can refresh your denim jeans with an overnight stay in the freezer but it appears more of our clothes are finding their homes in the kitchen instead of the bedroom! According to a recent survey, 15.4% of people said they use the inside of kitchen appliances like stoves and...
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28% of New Cars Do Not Come With A Spare Tire

AAA just released a survey that found 20% of drivers have no idea on how to change a flat tire. But it's not their fault as 28% of new cars sold today do not come with an actual spare tire! While some of the pricier cars are equipped with "run-flat" tires, most come with an Inflator/sealant kit,...
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Money Saving Challenges For 2017

It's never a bad idea to make your money grow for you and for many the thrill of a challenge is the best motivation available. If this is describing you, give these money making challenges a try. Probably the easiest one is the 52 week challenge. It works by finding a jar and placing a dollar in it...
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