People Who Believe This Are Happier

It can be hard to find happiness. While you may feel happy at times, happiness can lead to a more satisfying life and that can seem like a fantasy to achieve. However believing in the concept of oneness, in which all things are connected and interdependent, is the secret on how to be happier...
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Google Shuts Down Sophisticated Google Doc Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are getting more realistic and sophisticated andif you aren't paying attention, you could be one of the millions of people to get their identity stolen. According to multiple reports, a massive Google Doc scam was launched yesterday with an email that looked very legitimate with a...
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App Aims To Bring Balance In A Polarizsing News World

It is no surprise that politics is a subject of frustration, anger and mystery today. A recent Pew Research Center study found that Americans in each political party express “very unfavorable” views of members of the opposing party; the highest number in nearly two decades and those views are...
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