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Man Taunts Police With A Facebook Challenge And Dozen Doughnuts

Michael Zaydel was a fugitive. The 21-year old man was a wanted man for violating the conditions of his probation relating to a DUI charge. So the Redford Township, Michigan police department took to social media, like many do, in posting a picture of Michael and asking for the public to help...
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The Worst Vacation Picture To Post Online

Most of us find delight in posting our vacation pictures on social media, allowing our friends and family to see what exciting and relaxing things we're doing while they're stuck in the office. And while most of us share these photos, the majority of your friends cannot stand them, according to a...
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Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Data Hacked

If you have a Concealed Weapon Permit, you may want to monitor your personal information for any unusual activity. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said that hackers outside of the United States have obtained information on more than 16,000 concealed weapon permit holders...
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Pasco County Sheriff's Office Social Media Post Is Total Embarrassment For A Couple Trying To Start A Family

Law enforcement agencies have found social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as great way to communicate with the public, but it can also cross the line in turning a low key encounter into a big mess. Take the story of Felicia Nevins, a 26-year-old Port Richey woman who was anxious to start her...
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Chrome Extension Calls Your Phone For An Easy Way To Excuse Yourself

No doubt this has happened to you before, you are working on a project at your desk and a deadline is quickly approaching when all of the sudden, you're visited by a co-worker for a social chat. You don't want to be rude but you're on a deadline, so what do you do? If you have the "nope" Chrome...
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Sharing Missing Children Pictures On Facebook Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful

Social media has proven that it is a great source to pass along information to a lot of people quickly. Some of the stuff is trivial but many are intended to help each other. For instance you see a post and picture of a missing child. Your instinct is to share it on your timeline in hopes that the...
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Social Media Addiction May Be In Our Genes

Can't seem to keep away from social media? It's not your fault, it's in your DNA to enter the Timeline of Terror filled with political statements, food plate photos and cat memes. People use social media differently and when researchers tried to find out why, they found that our addiction is in our...
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If you had the chance to take a peek at a friend or relatives social media accounts, would you? Roughly one in five adults, 24% of those surveyed, said the have snooped on the Facebook accounts of their friends, romantic partners or family members, using their own computers or cellphones. Facebook...
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Is This The Best Job For 2017?

Royal Caribbean may be offering the best job in the world. The cruise company is looking for someone to sail on three different cruises and while documenting their trips on Instagram. The 90-day job pays $3,700. Skilled in Instagram with extensive knowledge of all 23 filters. Exemplary ability to...
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