How To Tell If Your iPhone Has Been Slowed Down Due To Its Battery

If you think your older iPhone isn't as spy as it once was, you're right! Apple unveiled that it intentionally slows down the processing speed of your phone based on the condition and age of its battery. Apple says it is needed to smooth out the power draw on the batteries to prevent them from...
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Signs You Are A Bad Driver

No doubt you've seen some incredible things while driving the roadways. Some comical but more so incredibly dangerous. But are you part of the problem? Many time we thing we are driving safely but in reality we're the car that is causing the headaches and potentially endangering the lives of many...
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Lighter Running Shoes Does Save Time

Runners are always looking for an advantage to shave some time off their runs. Parked in the obvious garage is a new report that confirms lighter weight shoes do really help you run faster. Scientists at the University of Colorado recruited runners for a 2 mile run once a week for three weeks...
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