Casual Visitor Cracks Safe That No One Had Been Able To Do For 40 Years

Visitors to the Vermilion Heritage Museum in Alberta have been trying to crack the code for 40-years of a safe that has been locked tight and unable to be opened by even a locksmith. Countless visitors to the museum, which opened in the mid 1990s, had tinkered with the dial over the years to no...
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This Bandage Hack Should Keep It On Your Finger Instead Of Slipping Off

Just when you think you've mastered a skill, you find out there's a better way. In the world of cuts and self-adhesive bandages, this little hack will up your first aid game. When you get a cut on the tip of your finger or knuckle and cover it with a Band-Aid, it usually falls off your finger or...
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Report: Robots Responsible For Loss of Jobs And Lower Wages

We may have gotten it wrong about our robot overlords and them enslaving mankind. According to economists at MIT and Boston University, robots are doing the exact opposite of enslavement, they're replacing us in the workforce. Data collected between 1993 and 2007 shows that for each robot activated...
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