Size Rather Than Gender Determines How Much You Sweat

The secret is out regarding sweating and surprise men do not sweat more than women. Sweat has nothing to do with gender, says science, it has all to do with size. When you get hot, your body relies on two ways to cool down, increasing blood circulation (think of a car's radiator) and expelling...
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Big Signatures Can Mean Big Problems

Take a look at your signature. Is it small, large or larger than large where its flourishing? Well the larger the signature, the darker the personality. A study analyzing the signatures of 500 chief financial officers found that signature size matters, in authoritativeness and exploitativeness. In...
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Man Dresses as 12 foot CVS Receipt For Halloween

By now you've had a chance to see pictures of your friends Halloween costumes. From cute to creepy to hilarious. But you've got to hand it to Jeremy Schneider on making an epic costume, a CVS receipt. Yes that seemingly never-ending receipt for a pack of gum was the inspiration for this year and it...
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