Wi-Fi Scam Targeting Vacationers

As we get closer to spring and summer there is a new warning when connecting your mobile devices to a hotel or resort Wi-Fi network. Scammers are playing on our haste to hook up to Wi-Fi and are creating bogus networks with similar names of the hotels and resorts visitors check in to every day and...
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Couples That Texts Together Stay Together

For all the negativity given towards texts, some news that couples whose message habits are similar tend to be more content with their relationship. The couple that texts together stays together. Couples who send similar numbers of texts to each other during the day are more satisfied than those...
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Mistress Crashes Wedding Wearing Bridal Gown In Protest [video]

When a wedding ceremony is being performed, there is usually a place where you can object to the marriage but rarely is the opportunity taken and even rarer would be for the groom's mistress to show up in a white wedding gown to object to the marriage. A video of the incident appears to be filmed...
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