What Information Should Be (or not) On Your Luggage Tag

As plans are make to head home for the holidays it's time to talk about your luggage. If one of your gifts this year is to pay the $25 baggage fee that is standard on nearly every airline, we need to spend a little time on the luggage tag. While most luggage does arrive with you at your destination...
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Safety Features You Should Opt For When Buying A New Car

With Labor Day two weeks away it is becoming obvious that 2018 is coming to an end. For car dealers that means they're under pressure to sell remaining current year models. The good news for you is today's cars have more safety features than ever, however the features and gadgets offers can be...
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It Is Not A Good Idea To Flush Food Scraps Down The Toilet

The world is full of false suggestions and the internet is making those false suggestions more accessible. One of them happens to effect those without a kitchen sink garbage disposal. The idea makes sense that if your toilet can handle human waste, who can't it handle food waste? While that concept...
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You Should Be Cleaning Your Phone At Least Once A Day

Nothing does with us quite as much as our mobile phones. From the night stand to the car and even to the bathroom, it is no surprise that many refer to our phones as a mobile petri dish. Illness-causing germs—including the types that cause food poisoning, common colds and other infections—can only...
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What You Should Clean Before The House Cleaner Arrives

While many chuckle at those who clean up their homes before the housekeeper arrives, there is some valid reasons to employ the practice. For one, house cleaners are not house organizers, which means the clutter of mail, magazines and that pile of clothes is something you should organize, or clean...
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Should You Get A Flu Shot Even If You've Already Had The Flu Recently?

There has been a lot of concern about this year's flu as the Center For Disease Control says it is widespread in the state. In short, it is a bad flu season and is the worst since the 2009 outbreak and there is some promising news that the worst may be over. But the flu season is far from over with...
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When To Wash Household Items From The Experts

Nothing screams excitement more than cleaning the house! Ah, the joy of washing, scrubbing, folding and dusting can make you cringe. While wiping down counters and running the vacuum quickly can buy you sometime, there's always a deep clean to come. While you strive to keep a tidy home you may not...
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You Should Do These Items At Least Once A Year

We are just hours away from the beginning of a new year! This exciting time gives us a chance to reflect on the current year and perhaps all the things we should've done but didn't. But not to worry, here are some of the things you should do at least once a year. Get a physical. An annual checkup...
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Should Florida End Daylight Saving Time?

Yes, we should just keep the clocks the same all year long.
86% (50 votes)
No, Daylight Saving adds more sunlight to my winter days.
14% (8 votes)
Total votes: 58
Massachusetts and Maine are studying the possibility of moving from the Eastern Time zone to the Atlantic Time zone to add more daylight in winter hours. The move would essentially end Daylight Saving for these states. Would ending the bi-annual changing of time, back an hour in November and up an...
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Knowing One Of These Three Second-Languages Will Make it Easier To Succeed in Business

With the world getting smaller parents are looking to help their children to carve out a piece of it! One way is experts say you can give any child an advantage is to teach them a second language. Knowing more than one language has huge advantage, considering nearly 3/4 of Americans only know...
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