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Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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Low Carb Diets May Be Shortening Your Life

The Keto Diet is very popular and is just one of the family of low-carbohydrate diets that many have had success with people in losing weight. But a growing voice of health professionals say cutting out a food group may have seriously harmful consequences, such as shortening your life span...
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Early Retirement Shown To Shorten Your Life

Apparently working yourself to death is the exact opposite of what happens. Data collected by the U.S. Census found that people who choose early retirement had a 20% higher mortality risk than those who stay in the workforce longer. Those who retired at 62 appeared to shorten their life expectancy...
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FDA Considering Changing How Pharmaceutical Advertisements Air

All those pills, crèmes and sprays advertised by drug companies on radio, TV and online, with that laundry list of potential side effects are "overwarning us", says the FDA! The Food and Drug Administration requires that drug commercials provide a 'fair balance' of information both the benefits and...
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