WOW Airlines Looking For Traveler & Bestie For Three Month Travel Extravaganza

It is often said that if you dread your job that you should find a new one. An Iceland-based budget airline is looking for an Air Travel Guide. WOW airlines says it's the first of its kind and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a person to travel across Europe and North America documenting the...
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Website Compares Costs Of Owning A Car Vs Using A Ride Share System

The introduction of Lyft and Uber has revolutionized the way we travel across town! In as little as a minute you can have easy, comfortable transportation to the grocery store, movie theater and even work for just a few dollars. So it reasons to question if it is cheaper to use Lyft and Uber...
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police lights

Man Taunts Police With A Facebook Challenge And Dozen Doughnuts

Michael Zaydel was a fugitive. The 21-year old man was a wanted man for violating the conditions of his probation relating to a DUI charge. So the Redford Township, Michigan police department took to social media, like many do, in posting a picture of Michael and asking for the public to help...
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A Plea To Ditch The Kids Menu

It's commonplace to ask for a kid's menu when eating out, but is that menu leading your child to a life of unhealthy and bland eating choices? Perhaps it’s even bad for business for the restaurant industry? While the simplistic choices of chicken fingers, pizza and mac and cheese might be good for...
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Sharing Missing Children Pictures On Facebook Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful

Social media has proven that it is a great source to pass along information to a lot of people quickly. Some of the stuff is trivial but many are intended to help each other. For instance you see a post and picture of a missing child. Your instinct is to share it on your timeline in hopes that the...
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