98.5 KTK 5K9 Run & Dog Walk 2017

The 98.5 KTK 5K9 Run & Dog Walk was held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Citizen's Circle in Ocala. Thank you to all who came out and particiapted on a beautiful morning that helped VOCAL: Voices of Change Anuimal League of Marion County . A special thank you to our title sponsor Piesanos...
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How To Handle Higher Healthcare Premiums & Deductables

It's the time of year when you pick your insurance plans for the next year and there's a good chance youer premiums and deductables have increased. Employees are being asked to kick in an average of 3% more this year for a family plan, according to the 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey by Kaiser...
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New Service Offers Grocery Shopping & Fridge Stocking

Heading to the grocery store to buy your groceries is so 2015, right? There are all of those meal delivery services that send you the box with all the ingredients to make an entire meal. Well, now there is going to be a new service that takes shopping to the next level and it's from Walmart. It's...
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