Expert Claims Red Wines Should Be Served Chilled & Whites Warmer

You may have heard red wine should be served at room temperature, but you heard wrong. Joe Fattorini of the TV program "The Wine Show" says red wine should be chilled briefly, and white wine should be left to warm up before consuming. He says wine drinkers should follow the 20:20 rule to get the...
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Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Self-Checkout

The self-serve checkout has fans and foes. Reddit asked the question to why some people prefer to have their items scanned and bagged by a store employee instead of yourself. Some of the answers are hilarious. One stated the confusion of the computer in "placing your item in the bagging area,...
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Why Restaurants Prefer You Order From A Computer

For the last few years technology has become normal in ordering our food. From ordering pizza on your phone to ordering dessert from your tabletop table menu at your favorite restaurant. While you may find it convenient, stores are reeling in your personal habits and choices in an effort to get you...
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