Tips Of Buying Bed Sheets

Nothing screams excitement quite like shopping for bed sheets. While it's easy to find a set of good-looking sheets, it's difficult to judge the quality of a new set by its price or package. However knowing that sheets share common properties will at least give you some guidance. For instance, most...
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How To Select A Portable Generator For Your Home

As Hurricane Florence makes its trek towards the Carolinas, it is a reminder of our own woes this time last year in the wake Hurricane Irma caused. With power out for days and the mindset that you'll never be without electricity again, a generator is in your future. But like shopping for a car,...
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Alexa's Wine Skills!

Even those with a knowledge of wines can find themselves struggling to select the perfect wine to pair with food. Fortunately Alexa can help. Download the Wine Finder skill and just ask for some guidance. The app is loaded with 500 different types of food and the right wine to go with them. Once...
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