Sear Steaks With A Coating Of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a funny condiment. There are those who adore it and others who can't stand it. But even those in love with it find it hard to fathom to use it in the cooking process of a steak. Believe it or not, there are fans of using mayonnaise in the searing process of cooking steak, who swear...
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Foods To Avoid Cooking On The Backyard Grill

The summer air is filled with the smells of grilled foods but not all foods should be cooked over an open flame, says Chefs who think we need a refresher course on what should be cooked over coals and what shouldn't. For instance, grilling a pizza. While a pizzeria uses an open flame to cook, most...
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Kitchen Cooking Myths Debunked

Let's play the new and exciting game, Kitchen Fact or Fiction! Where we take a look at long held beliefs about cooking to see if they are fact or fiction! #1-Mushrooms shouldn't be rinsed because will absorb all the water , swell up, and lose their distinctive taste. FICTION-Mushrooms are more than...
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