You Need To Sauna

Hot and steamy is how we describe a summer afternoon in Florida but new research confirms that a good sauna session is not only relaxing but good for your health. The Mayo Clinic report confirms an earlier report from Finland that spending time in relatively dry room heated to between 80 and 100...
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An Hour Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30 Minute Walk

This might be the best exercise workout you've ever heard! Researchers claim lying in a hot bath and relaxing may be as beneficial for your health as a 30-minute walk. The study called for a group of men to ride a bicycle for 60 minutes and then taking bath for the same time. What they found was...
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Stressed? Sit In A Sauna!

Looking for a way to relax, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress? Perhaps it's as easy as sitting in a steamy hot room! A recent study found that relaxing in a steamy sauna can apparently be good for your health. The study centered around three group of men who all have high blood pressure...
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