DIY: Fake Blood

Halloween is just around the corner and signals the beginning of a spending spree that continues through the New Year. We're here to help save your hard-earned cash with some DIY projects, including a recipe to make fake blood for your Halloween costume or party and there's a good chance you...
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The Easy Way To Clean The Office Microwave

Nothing is more disgusting than the office microwave. From leftover pasta to bowls of tomato soup, all those zapped meals splattering and overflowing is beyond a nightmare. Worst part is no one fesses up to their mess as the grime builds. However you can be the office hero with a simple way to...
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How To Save Your Sauce If It Is Over Salted

The golden rule of cooking with alt is to use a little at first because you can always add more later. But sometimes a heavy-handed shake of salt can ruin an entire meal. So if you find your sauce too salty, here's a trick you can use involving an egg. From the geniuses at Food Life Hacks, if you'...
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