Sanitize Your N95 Face Mask Using An Instant Pot

Use your Instant Pot to decontaminate your highly-prized N95 face mask.
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Happy family man father householder and child in laundry with

Avoid These Face Mask Laundry Mistakes

By now you've accumulated a few cloth face masks and like any article of clothing, they need to be cleaned for them to be effective. But there are some laundry pitfalls you want to avoid when cleaning face masks
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Keeping Coronavirus Out Of Your Home

Health experts offer five pieces of advice in keeping coronavirus out of your home.
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Your Own Gym Habits May Be Making You Sick

Our gross habits in the gym could be causing illness and breakouts.
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Cleaning After The Cold or Flu

The flu season is here and there's a good chance someone in your home will become a victim to its agony. Chances are that if one member of your family catches the cold or flu, someone else will be next. But you can minimize that risk with proper cleaning. The good news is that a whole-house...
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Clean Your Phone Using a UV Light Sanitizer

On average we touch our phones 2,617 times a day. That's a lot of types, swipes and taps! All this touching of phones in bathrooms, gyms, offices, and the house and it is rarely we clean our phones beyond rubbing it on our pants thigh. The problem for many is how to clean them. Being such an...
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