Scientists Willing To Pay You $3,500 To Catch The Flu

It sounds like one of those "would you" questions to see online but would you be willing to catch the flu if it meant you could collect $3,500? Researchers are indeed offering a lot of cash for people willing to suffer through the aches and pains of the flu in study aimed at making a univrsal flu...
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Live In A Castle While Earning $41,000 A Year

It's not often you get a chance to move into a medieval castle and get a nice paycheck too! St. Michael's Mount, a tourist-friendly tidal island off the coast of Cornwall, England is looking for a Visitor Services Manager, who would oversee the 30 or so seasonal employees and make sure all of the...
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The Unlikely Inspiration For Why The Chicago River Is Dyed Green For St. Patrick's Day

March 17th is known throughout the world as St. Patrick’s Day, who is the patron saint of Ireland. Although St. Patrick's color is actually blue , it has been changed to reflect the lush green vegetation of the Emerald Isle and while St. Patrick is associated with Ireland, roughly 33.3 million...
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Woman Prays To A Lord Of The Rings Figurine My Mistake For Years

You wouldn't think a Catholic Saint and characters from the Lord of the Rings would have much in common. However it was enough to confuse a grandmother in Brazil. For years she has been praying to a small figurine of Saint Anthony, or so she thought it was Saint Anthony. It was only after closer...
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potato chips

The Potato Chip That Costs Nearly $12 Per Chip

How much as you willing to pay for a potato chip. Not one that looks like Jimmy Fallon or Elvis but a gourmet chip. A Swedish microbrewery, who take a lot of pride in their work have created a companion for its beer that cost roughly $12 per chip. St. Erik's Brewery sold just 5 of these pristine...
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