How To Make Sure Your Vote Counts In A Coronavirus World

With so much uncertainty over technical issues, social distancing protocols and an influx of vote by mail ballots, how can you be sure you will be able to vote? And that your vote will be counted properly?
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Black Lives Matter Heart Protest

Discussing Racism With A Racist Family Member

Everyone has that one family member who we’d gladly like to steer clear of when it comes to talking about politics and race.
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The Government Loosens Flexible Spending Account Rules

The Internal Revenue Service made some more rule changes this week to your flexible spending account (FSA).
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couple working from home

Tips For Couples Both Working From Home

With 80% of the U.S. workforce now at stay-at-home situations, thanks to COVID-19, many couples who would normally leave for work are now spending the entire day under the same roof and that may be causing some friction.
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Rules Of Borrowing Money From A Friend

Friendships can stand the test of time and the stresses of life in nearly any capacity, except when it comes to money. It’s notoriously difficult to lend money to, and borrow money from a friend. Most people vehemently advise against it, usually because they’ve been burned by people who don’t pay...
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The Key In Commanding A Game Of Cornhole

Summer is almost here and backyards all over the area will be fired up, pool floats will be inflated and a friendly game of cornhole will be played for pride. While it may seem simple to toss a bean bag through a hole on a board a few feet away, it takes skill, just as a game of Chess or beer pong...
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New Rules For Prepaid Debit Cards

Although April 1st is known as the day of practical jokes, the Federal government enacted some serious reforms regarding prepaid debit cards and person-to-person payment services, such as Venmo. Reforms under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aim to offer the same protections offered on...
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Alexa Skill Helps With Board Game Rules

A great way to spend time together is to dust off one of those board games and play with your family and friends. But it may have been a long time since you've played it and the instructions are long gone. Luckily Alexa can help with the Board Games Answers skill . Once enabled, you can ask, "Alexa...
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Properly Display The United States Flag

Independence Day is coming up Wednesday and it’s especially a good time to display 'Ol Glory. An estimated 150 million American flags are sold every year with 3/4 of Americans saying they own at least one. But are you displaying it correctly? The United States Flag Code sets rules for the display...
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