Wet Nose Wednesday 6.20.18

Helping families become complete with the unwavering love of an adoptable pet, that is why we love Wet Nose Wednesday! Sponsored by Country Critters Veterinary Clinics, inside Rural King Stores in Gainesville and Ocala. Country Critters Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic,...
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New Type of Chocolate On Its Way To Stores

In our lifetime there was been three types of chocolate, dark, milk and white. However that is about to change as the first new option of chocolate in 80 years has been unveiled, ruby chocolate. The new type of chocolate is from Ruby cocoa beans and is natural and does not contain any dyes or added...
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Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Slippers Are in Need Of Help

There's no place like home and for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, that home is in need of some help. The Smithsonian Museum is the home of the famous shoes from the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz and after 77 years, the shoes are showing their age. The color has faded and the slippers appear dull and...
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