Teach Your Child To Ride A Bicycle Without Training Wheels

We all have memories of learning to ride a bicycle. We couldn't wait to get those training wheels off and although it took some skinned knees and hands, we were off and riding down the street on two wheels! As many parents re-teach this art form to their kids, a suggestion that you're better to...
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Florida Man Busted For DUI While On Riding Lawnmower

If case you were wondering, yes, you can be cited for driving under the influence of alcohol while riding your lawnmower. Port St. Lucie Police spotted a man riding a red Snapper riding lawn mower erratically on an access road along busy Highway 1 last Friday night just after 6. It didn't take the...
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Picture Shows Alligator Riding The Back Of A Manatee

While most of the country prepares for some of the coldest air from the artic ever, meanwhile in Florida, we have an alligator hitching a ride on top of a manatee! It appeared that way for Dana Menk, who snapped a picture while at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City of what appears to be a fairly...
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