How To Quickly Boost Up Your Credit Score

Your credit score is vitally important in today's world. Not only does a higher credit score mean you get better chance of obtaining loan approvals but it may also affect your chances of landing that perfect job! But you've done all you can to boost it by never being late on a payment, keeping your...
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App Automatically Finds Cash Back Rewards On Stuff You Already Buy

There's always room to save money and although there are a lot of apps out there that hunt down coupons or discount codes, it's usually when you are standing in the checkout line you remember to search for them and it's a race to find them before the total button s pushed. So a new app for Android...
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The Easiest Shopping Rewards App

We always look for ways to save money and time but the two sometimes conflict with each other. For instance rewards program, where you provide your phone number or scan a card. Then there are apps that require you to take pictures, check in, write reviews and answer survey questions for discounts,...
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