Restaurant Staff Opens Up To Annoying Habits Of Customers

When we are out enjoying a meal at a restaurant, we generally think we're being helpful to the wait staff by assisting them with tasks. And while the customer is always right is in play, there are some things we do that irks wait staff. Stacking glasses and plates may tower in good intentions...
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Offices, Bars and Restaurants Team Up For A New Work Experience

The office of the 21st century may look familiar, the cafeteria will offer some really good food and your 8 hour day will be a non-stop happy hour. Many restaurants and bars are offering their establishments as office spaces for the normal times when they're closed or business is slow. The idea is...
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Restaurant Offers Rat Discount To Customer After One Brushed Her Foot

Restaurants have been known to give away free desserts, appetizers and perhaps even an entrée when the food or service isn't up to par. But what about if you happen to encounter a rat running over your foot? Well for on customer at Fats Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bar in Folsom, California, it...
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Pickle Lovers Rejoice Over All-Pickle Restaurant

Proof there is a restaurant for everyone, look for a new eatery in New York that serves nothing but pickles. Yes, brine and dine with our favorite vinegar-soaked cucumber as it is about to move from a topping to the main course. It’s all thanks to the people behind The Pickle Guys, who have created...
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Florida Sheriff Deputy Watches Newborn While Parents Finish Meal

Parents trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant can find themselves in an impossible challenge, especially when there is a newborn involved. Polk County Sheriff Deputy Chris Brackin was on his dinner break Saturday night at a restaurant when he noticed a couple struggling to finish their dinner...
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Restaurant Menu Written Totally In Emojis

Sneak peak at our New Emoji Menu. First place to do this apparently. God we're so high tech in this house I can't keep up! Oh and of course whatsapp the waiter your order --✌️------#Emoji #Menu #Whatsapp #Waiter #Order #YesPlease #Comfort #Easy #Modern #New #HighTech #Gadget #Quirky #Fun #Friends #...
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