How To Get A Table At A Busy Restaurant Without A Reservation Quickly

This is going to be your little secret in being able to get a table at a busy restaurant without a reservation! However this hack is contingent on a few things: you have punctual friends and you’re going somewhere that isn’t flooded with customers morning until night. Arrange to meet your friends...
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App Lets You Pick Your Reserved Table At Restaurants

Ever wanted to pick you own table at a restaurant? Now you can with the OpenTable app. Participating restaurants sync up with an online reservation network and lets you not only make a reservation without the phone ringing for minutes, you can reserve your favorite table too. Dining venues can...
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App Alerts You To Lower Hotel Rates

Hotel room rates can fluctuate wildly, depending on the supply and demand and unless you prepay, you usually can re-book at the lower rate. But as you can imagine, hotels aren't doing to alert you when their prices go down. Enter, Pruvo . This app tracks the cost of rooms over time, and if the...
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