Hang On To That Empty Prepaid Debit Card

Perhaps your stocking was stuffed with a prepaid debit card over the holidays. While your instinct is to ditch the card once all the money has been spent, you might want to hang on to one of them. On the practical side, if you end up getting a refund on a return item purchased with the prepaid...
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Publix Recalls Pot Roast After it's Discovered It's Actually Meatloaf

If you though your Publix Homestyle Beef Pot Roast with Seasoned Gravy seemed an awful lot like meatloaf, you'd be correct. The supermarket chain announced that the recall of its 15-ounce plastic tray labeled “Publix Homestyle Beef Pot Roast with Seasoned Gravy” is because a mix-up at the labeling...
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Scammers Get Scammed With Their Own Fake Money

Even scammers get scammed and perhaps the feel-good story that proves karma exists. A couple went into a Victoria's Secret store in Fairfield, Connecticut last week and purchased $780 in merchandise using fake fifty and hundred dollar bills. Although this was just the beginning of the scam. After...
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Man Request Drink Refund From Girl He Struck Out With At The Club

It happens at every bar and club, night after night. Men buy woman drinks and in an equal world, women buy men drinks too. Sometimes the gesture turns into something more and sometimes it doesn't. Abby Fenton knows it all too well, being a young college student with a beautiful smile. A couple of...
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