Americans Eating Less Meat, Survey Finds

Two thirds of Americans said that they have cut back the amount of meat they eat, in particular beef and processed meats, according to the results of a newly-published Johns Hopkins survey. In 2014 meat consumption had fallen to a 20-year low and that has grabbed health officials' attention. Red...
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Christmas Trees Are Expected To Cost More This Year

As if it wasn't an already stressful year, now comes word of an upcoming Christmas tree shortage. Pine tree growers in Oregon and North Carolina are warning consumers it will cost upwards of at least 10% or more this year for that perfect Christmas tree. The reason has nothing to do with drought,...
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Some 1980s Quarters You May Have Are Worth More Than Twenty-Five Cents

Those quarters in your purse, pocket or jar may be worth a lot more than twenty-five cents. According to collectors certain quarters made in the early 1980s are worth anywhere from $2 to $25. So search your change for quarters dated 1982 and 1983. Back then the country was in a recession and for...
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