App Calculates How Much Sun Exposure You Need For Vitamin D Production

There are repeated pleas from doctors and medical experts to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. However our bodies do need the rays from the sun to create vitamin D, a vital nutrient for our bodies. While we get vitamin D from food and supplements, the same UVB rays that cause a sun...
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Hotel Hack To Keep Sunshine From Waking You Too Early

The countdown is on for that relaxing vacation, where you can check into a plush hotel room and sleep as long as you want, or until the sunshine pokes in through that small gap in the window curtains. But you no longer have to let that little crack of sunshine wake you from heavenly slumber. Next...
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A Water Bottle Could Ignite A Fire In Your Car

You would never think a water bottle left in a car could be a scene of potential disaster. It appears that some people have reported smoke coming from their vehicles and a mystery as to what is causing it. Believe it or not the culprit is a bottle of water sitting in direct sunlight, where the sun’...
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