Words With Friends Sparks Close Friendship Between A 22 and 81 Year Old

One thing the Internet has done is make sure you always have someone to play a game with, as in the case of Words with Friends. The online Scrabble-type game pairs your friends together to play as well as match complete strangers. That's the case of Spencer, a 22-year old rapper who lives in New...
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A Random Act Of Kindness Restores Your Faith In Humanity

A heartwarming story that will definitely restore your faith in humanity. 23-year old Alonzo Johnson never thought he'd be famous, he was just being a kind soul to a frightened elderly man. Las week, Alonzo was at the Holyoke Mall in Holyoke, Massachusetts and was walking past the mall's escalators...
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Scheduled Relaxation Time More Effective Than Random Breaks

Find yourself stressed out when you take a moment to relax? Perhaps it's because you are not taking a scheduled time to relax. A results of a recent study found that people who plan scheduled times to relax felt better and more revived than those who just took a break at random. In other words, if...
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