How To Get A Table At A Busy Restaurant Without A Reservation Quickly

This is going to be your little secret in being able to get a table at a busy restaurant without a reservation! However this hack is contingent on a few things: you have punctual friends and you’re going somewhere that isn’t flooded with customers morning until night. Arrange to meet your friends...
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Speed Reading Tips From Experts

So you just found out that you should've read a report before your meeting, which begins in 10 minutes. No need to panic, just use these tips from speed readers. Tip #1-Read titles and section headings. Start by scanning the document for subject titles and headings—often in bolded or underlined...
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Slicing Vegetables Right Before Eating Can Boost Nutrients For Your Body

We slice them, dice, them, blend them and eat when raw. Vegetables are not only delicious, they're full of vital vitamins, minerals and energy. But want to get a bit more nutrition out of them? Chop them! A nutritionist says that chopping vegetables before eating them boosts their nutrients, making...
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