Younger Americans Are Ditching Deodorant

Did you smell that? 40% of adults 18 to 24-years old said they did not use deodorant or antiperspirant in the last 30 days. Around a third (31%) of adults 25 to 34- years old have also ditched deodorant and 22% of adults 35 to 44-years old do the same. The data, from YouGov, fit neatly into the...
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Some 1980s Quarters You May Have Are Worth More Than Twenty-Five Cents

Those quarters in your purse, pocket or jar may be worth a lot more than twenty-five cents. According to collectors certain quarters made in the early 1980s are worth anywhere from $2 to $25. So search your change for quarters dated 1982 and 1983. Back then the country was in a recession and for...
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