Healthier Candy Options For Trick-Or-Treaters

Nothing can prompt kids to target your home for a revenge t-ping than handing out treats kids think as "lame", like raisins, pennies or dental floss. While the thought of handing out candies filled with sugar and empty calories troubles you, there is some hope to come to a compromise. For instance...
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Gap Employee Refunds Shirt Purchased In 2000

We're still in the window of the Christmas return. Those gifts that we didn't want, have too many of or just doesn't fit are finding their way back to the store in which they came from. However a manager of a GAP store is not happy that one of their employees accepted a return from a purchase made...
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Florida Neighborhood Rally To Help Displaced Elderly Neighbor

Sometimes you need to hear of a story that restores faith in doing the right thing. We head down the gulf coast to Hudson, Florida, just north of Tampa where an elderly woman had lived with her husband in their home for 35 years. Sadly, Angie Tyma's husband passed away and the woman fell on hard...
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