Squirrels Are Assaulting Porch Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an irresistible treat for squirrels and they'll do almost anything to eat them.
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Girl painting pumpkin purple

Why You May See Mor Purple Pumpkins This year

While purple pumpkins have long been an epilepsy awareness project , this year they are being used to alert trick-or-treaters it is safe to approach.
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Old Jack-O-Lantern in a compost bin

The Story Behind Jack-O-Lanterns

According to Irish folklore, Jack was a devious fellow who outsmarted the devil time and time again.
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Pumpkin Patch And Corn Maze Safety

While it is important to be cautious for safety sake, it is also important to keep as many traditions as possible for the mental health of you and your family.
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Recycle Your Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is behind us, which means it's time to stuff your wigs, fake cobwebs, and plastic skeletons back into the attic until next October. Getting rid of the Jack-O'-Lantern rotting on your stoop may be a more complex task. Instead of chucking it in the garbage can with the rest of your trash,...
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How To Keep Your Pumpkins To Last Longer

Halloween is a fun-scary holiday but there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin. Don't let your festive carved pumpkins go from sweet to scary. Put on a delightful display all season long with these tricks to extend the life of your pumpkins. First, handle your pumpkin with care and try...
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Pump Up Your Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is on its way and for many the traditions of carving a jack-o-lantern include roasting the seeds from the freshly carved pumpkin. While seasoning roasted pumpkin seeds with nothing but butter and salt is classic, but if you’re craving something more, it’s quite easy to take them in...
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A Good Reason Limited-Time Foods Come Around Annually

McDonald's has built an empire around serving comforting, familiar foods that are consistent across thousands of locations (and they're really good at what they do!). The fast food giant announced last week that its McRib sandwich would be making a limited return to its menu marking the seasonal...
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Pumpkin Spice SPAM

Perhaps we have reached the threshold of Pumpkin Spice. From lattes to cereal and even makeup, companies are cashing in on the pumpkin spice trend, including SPAM. The canned cooked pork actually joked about it back in 2017 when everything seemed to be going pumpkin-spiced! The Facebook post mockup...
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PSL is Now Available As You Sweat Your Way To Work

Proof that you can never start promoting a holiday too early, Starbucks is already selling pumpkin spiced lattes (PSL)! As you break out into sweat walking from your front door to your car, your taste buds can be reminded of cooler, fall temperatures! Besides the Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Spice...
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