Here Is How You Avoid Getting Bumped Off An Airplane Flight

The Internet erupted into outrage after a video surfaced of law enforcement removing a passenger from an oversold United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville Sunday night. It has brought up the dark secret of airline reservations. In short, every airline overbooks their planes. They use...
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Is Buying Organic Produce Worth The Price?

Although organic foods have come down in price, they are still generally more expensive. The benefits of organic food is they're farmed without the use of chemical-based pesticides. But not all organic foods are equal and in many cases, you can buy the non-organic farmed versions and still get the...
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Gillette Drops Price Of All Razor Blades As Market Share is Lost To Cheaper Competitors

Probably the most expensive hygiene product you buy are razor blades, with 5 packs of Gillette razor blades costing nearly $2 a blade. However the Procter & Gamble company has felt the edge of declining sales and has begun an across the board price drop of all Gillette razor blade products...
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Fake Photo Causes Heart Burn For Fisher Price

More proof that we've got a serious problem of believing fake news sites. Last week you may have heard about the Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset, which features a bar, stools and even plastic beer bottles, to which a girl and boy were each holding ne with a surly baby with a bowtie on the backside...
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Prices of Certain Foods Expected to Rise in 2017

As the reality sinks in that we'll be in a new year in less than 4 months, predictions are out as to what we can expect in 2017. In the world of feeding yoyur family, the outlook isn't rosy. According to the USDA, food prices have dropped 1.6% compared to 2015 but those same experts pedict a 2%...
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