How To Shop During The Great Computer Shortage Of 2020

with more employees staying at home to work remotely and students attending school virtually, laptop computers and accessories are harder to find.
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Revising Your Hurricane Prep Plan Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic complicates how we need to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes.
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Woman wearing a surgical mask

Preparing For Coronavirus Without Panicking

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to 34 countries so far. That doesn’t mean we need to panic just yet (or ever), but it is smart to be prepared.
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Resist Rinsing Your Turkey Before Cooking

There are many misconceptions surrounding your Thanksgiving turkey, but none is more dangerous than the turkey-washing myth. While some recipes calls for your bird to get a bath beforehand, it can cause more harm than good. Raw poultry can contain dangerous microbes like Salmonella and it does...
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Financially Preparing For A Child

It costs an estimated $233,610 to raise a child through age 17, according to government data. It’s no wonder that some couples are second-guessing on when to start a family. The truth is, you're never really financially ready to raise a child (or children). A recent survey found that 42% of parents...
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Prepare For Flu Season

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) says that the flu killed 80,000 people last season, including 180 children and 900,000 people were hospitalized for flu or flu-like illness. It's an important reminder of how a seemingly mundane thing as the flu can be deadly, so you should have a plan of...
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Thanksgiving Prep You Should Be Doing Now

Even though we just wrapped up Halloween and we don't mean to get you off in a panic, but there is less than three weeks until Thanksgiving. However there is no need to panic as we go over some items you should be doing now to keep the stress levels low. First, finalize your guest list and get firm...
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Camping Tips For People Who Don't Camp

Let’s face it, camping isn't for everyone, or is it? Even those who prefer room service over starting a campfire can still have a great time in the great outdoors this summer with these tips on camping for non-campers. Start with your backpack (leave your suitcase at home) and remember you are...
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