Have Your Kids Practice Wearing A Face Mask At Home

Many school districts, including Alachua and Marion county schools, are requiring face masks while on school property. The problem is trying to get younger kids to wear a mask for longer than 15 seconds can be a challenge to say the very least
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Practice How To Break Up Via Text The Right Way

Technology has change the way we live and communicate. It's also brought us a slew of new words that singles are aware of. Ghosting is breaking off a relationship by stopping all communication and contact with the partner without any apparent warning. Many times it's because the Ghoster doesn't...
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Practice Your Job Interview Skills With This Alexa Skill

One of the more stressful items in seeking a job is the interview. In many cases you can blow it with how you answer questions. But now you can have unlimited practice interviews thanks to Amazon's Alexa. I nterview Prep is an Alexa skill that has hundreds of different questions for interviews for...
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