VOTE: Who Are You Rooting for in American Idol's Top 24?

American Idol announced their Top 24 contestants during last night's broadcast. So we were wondering: who are you rooting for? Sound off here!
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SOUND OFF: Did You Like the Premiere of 'Roseanne' Last Night?

After months of anticipation, it finally arrived! The Roseanne revival premiered on ABC last night (March 27). Based on what we saw on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, it felt like ALL of our friends were watching the show last night during its premiere. So: what did you think? Did you enjoy last...
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Nurses Ranked As Most Honorable And Ethical Profession

For the 16th consecutive year, Americans have ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession in America. Out of 22 careers surveyed, 82% of Americans say nurses' ethics are very high. Followed by Military Officers, Grade School Teachers, Medical Doctors and Pharmacists round out the top 5...
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POLL: When Do You Take Your Christmas Decorations Down?

It's time for that age old question: when do you take down your Christmas lights and Christmas tree? Sound off by taking our poll now.
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Aunt Charges Family Members To Eat At Her Thanksgiving Dinner

You expect to pay a bill when you eat at a restaurant but what about when you are invited to a friend's or family member's house? In what appears to be the latest online debate, one Twitter user tweeted that she pays $30 for a plate of food at her family's Thanksgiving dinner . Apparently her aunt...
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Should You be Charged Money To Eat Dinner At Your Family's Thanksgiving Feast?

Shouldn't have to pay but you should contribute a item, side or dessert to the dinner.
60% (3 votes)
NO. You are an invited guest and therefore not obligated to pay.
40% (2 votes)
YES. There are many costs associated with buying and cooking Thanskgiving, so to chip in is not too much to ask.
Total votes: 5
We shared a story this morning about a woman who charges everyone a $30 fee for a plate of Thanksgiving at her dinner table [ CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY ]. We want to know if you think you should have to pay your family/friends who invite you to Thanksgivng Dinner?
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POLL: Should Kids & Teens Be Charged A Mandatory Gratuity?

NO! Not all kids and teen skip out on tips and many are being double-billed. Plus there are adults who don't give tips either!
50% (4 votes)
YES! Tips are part of the salary of wait staff and if they are providing good service they should be tipped!
25% (2 votes)
If you are going to add a mandatory gratuity, it should be for all customers and not just kids and teens.
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
A restaurant in New Jersey says their wait staff spend hours serving groups of 20-30 kids and teens only for them to ditch on the customary tip . So they've implemented a mandatory 18% gratuity only on the bill of kids and teens. Do you agree with the move?
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States Consider Making Fifth Time Zone In Continental United States

This Sunday morning we turn the clocks back one hour as Daylight Saving Time ends, two eastern states are strongly considering making a move to add a fifth time zone to the continental United States. Massachusetts and Maine are studying the possibility of moving from the Eastern Time zone to the...
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POLL: Candy Corn - Love It or Hate It?

Take our poll. Candy corn. Love it or hate it.
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Here Are the Most Popular Liquors in Each State

If you’re a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on. If you’re not a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on.
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