How to Block Political Ads On Social Media

The U.S. presidential election is less than five months away, which means political activity on Facebook is about to go into overdrive
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More Than 2,800 New Words Added To The Scrabble Dictionary

Sharenting, blud and bae are among the words to be added to the board game Scrabble. The youth culture slang phrases are counted among the list of 2,862 words, which have been updated to the official Scrabble word list that already contained 276,000 words and the first update since 2015. Political...
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Web Extensions That Will Help Ease The Political Ads Until Election Day

Election Day is just a few weeks away and that means targeted political ads are ramping up, with some of them downright nasty. There's a good chance you’re seeing targeted ads on Facebook based on your activity both on the platform and around the web. For those of us who are looking for ways to...
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