College Tuition Insurance Policies

Not all colleges and universities offer tuition refunds if your student has to withdraw for the semester due to COVID-19. That's where tuition insurance can help.
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Last Will and Testament

Find Missing Life Insurance Policies

A new service allows you to search for missing life insurance policies and annuity contracts of deceased family members.
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We Don't Name Diseases After Places Anymore

Coronavirus has ushered in a new way of life for all of us and a new worldwide policy in its name.
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Insure The Ring Before The Proposal

You may have seen the video of the man who animated himself and his girlfriend into a "Sleeping Beauty" to propose marriage to her. The man brings out the box with a diamond engagement ring inside. While we can easily get caught up in the moment, tragedy can happen at any time with the ring...
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Emotional Support Peacock Denied From Flying With Owner

Birds are meant to fly but an airline passenger who wanted to bring her emotional support peacock with her was denied boarding her flight from Newark Liberty International Airport. According to a United spokesperson, the unidentified woman had bought a ticket for her emotional support peacock and...
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The Best And Worst Retail Stores For Returns

Of course it's the thought that counts but there’s a good chance you'll be returning one of your gifts currently under the tree. A survey of holiday shoppers found that almost two-thirds of people said they made at least one return the past holiday season. However each store has its own policies on...
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Password Security Advice Is Now Viewed As Incorrect

It happens about every 90 days, you have to come up with a new computer password. It must contain at least a number and a character (such as a !). It's been a standard practice for all government and most business computer terminals. But it appears that is not the most secure way to keep hackers...
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Pharmaceutical Expiration Dates Questioned

Expiration dates could be why the price of your health care continue to rise. And much like their cousins in the food sector, just because it's has reached its expiration dates doesn't mean their less effective. It is estimated that pharmacists and medial workers destroy $765 billion in pills,...
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Good News! You Can Take Your Turducken On The Plane With You!

AAA is reporting that a lot of Americans will be traveling this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. You'll be relieved to know that is you are traveling by airplane, you may bring your turduckicken (turkey, duck, and chicken) as a carry on item, as long as it is packed in dry ice or the regular ice...
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Teacher's No Homework Policy Receives Praise

Can a 2nd grade teacher's homework policy be the beginning of the end of decades of homework assignments? Chances are you have already seen the letter in your Facebook timeline that Brandy Young sent out to her 2nd grade class at Godley Elementary School. In it, she explains that she will not be...
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