Unclog A Toilet When You Do Not Have A Plunger

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and wonder "what if" you flush the toilet to only see the bowl water start to rise and no plunger in site! First off, remain calm and don't panic because we have a hack you can do to get things flowing again. It involves you pouring hot water into the clogged...
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Let's Talk Plungers

Usually you only seek out a plunger when there is a plumbing emergency but plungers are not a one size fits all kind of tool. When you think of a plunger, it's probably the flat plunger and as its name suggests, it is a half over rubber cup with a flat bottom. Yet the flat plunger should not reside...
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Poo Emoji Becomes A Toilet Plunger

There are many emojis but only one leaves a lot open to interpretation. Is it chocolate ice cream? Is it chocolate frosting for a cup cake? Or is it pile of poo? For most, the smiling brown swirl is undoubtable a quick way to get your point across in a text message that you are full of it. It also...
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