Adidas Debuts Running Shoe Makes From Recovered Ocean Plastic Bottles

It is a sad reality that billions discarded plastic bottles, bags and containers end up in our waterways, lakes and oceans. However there are moves by companies and governments to address the problem of adding the slow to degrade bags into the environment. In the recent election, California voted...
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Skip The Generics On These 3 Items And Buy Name Brand

A great way to stretch your shopping dollar is to buy generic items. From canned peas to prescription medicine, generics are generally the same quality as name-brands but at a reduced price. However not all generics are just as good as their more expensive cousins. Experts offer advice on three...
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The Germiest Plastic Water Bottle Is One You May Be Using Now

Using refillable water bottles? Good for you. Reusing plastic water bottles saves wasteful one-time use bottles. Not washing out your refillable water bottle? Eww! Come to find out all the water bottles we’re casually refilling are covered in germs. In fact, it is suggest that drinking water from a...
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