political yard signs

Recycling Political Yard Signs

While you definitely shouldn’t toss a stack of signs straight in the trash, you also can’t simply dump them in your recycling bin and consider it done
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The Effectiveness of Plexiglass Shields

Plexiglass shields have become the silent, see-through hero in the age of coronavirus.
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New King Of Trash As Cigarette Butts Falls On Annual Coastal Clean-Up List

While some estimates suggest there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that are incorrectly disposed of each year, there's an item that tops discarded butts.
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Harness The Cleaning Power Of The Sun

Take advantage of this abundant and free cleaning agent by making your clean stuff even cleaner with a bit of sunbathing.
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Cleaning Your Reusable Shopping Bags

A recent study found that just only 3% of shoppers who use reusable bags regularly wash them.
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Is Reusing A Single-Use Plastic Bottle Safe?

Is using a single-use plastic bottle over and over again a good way to reduce waste?
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Eco-Friendly Glitter Biodegrades In 30 Days

Glitter has a checkered past. While a fun addiction of sparkle to cards, parties and makeup, it has a dark side of polluting the environment. There has been an increasing voice to ban glitter overall because the micro-plastic it is make from ends up in our ocean and eventually into our food supply...
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Use A Plastic Cap To Keep An Egg From Rolling Off The Counter

Eggs are an incredible food! Low in calories and packed with protein, it's a tasty way to start the day! But as soon as you pull the out of the carton, they take on a life of their own and begin to roll around the counter. In an instant that beautiful egg ends up falling off the edge of the counter...
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Public Shaming For Those Using Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags

Last week we shared with you a story on the amount of plastics we consume daily without even knowing it (and it's a lot). It's no surprise that many communities and governments are looking to reduce our use of plastic items; particularly single-use plastic items such as food containers, bags,...
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We Consume A Lot Of Plastic And That Can Not Be Good

Plastic has been a news headline for quite some time and it is just about everywhere, including your body. A new study found that the average person swallows about 50,000 pieces of plastic per year. That’s between 126 and 142 tiny particles of plastic every day. But it isn't just what we're eating...
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