Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville Listed As One Of The Best Places To Live In USA

The annual list takes a look at amenities, demographics, economy, education, health care, housing, social and civic capital and transportation and infrastructure to determine the rankings.
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Most Painful Places On Your Body For A Tattoo

61% Americans have at least one tattoo and for the 19% considering getting one, the biggest reason for the hesitation is the fear of pain. Tattoo artists chime in as to the areas that are more sensitive than others. The face, hand and elbows and among with worst spots as well as along the ribs, the...
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Dirtiest Parts Of Your Car

How clean is your car? It's probably not as clean as you think according to a study that swabbed 20 inside parts of a car. Surprisingly the least dirtiest place is the most touched. The steering wheel was one of the most germ-free areas swabbed. In fact the seatbelt button and hand brake were...
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App Automatically Finds Cash Back Rewards On Stuff You Already Buy

There's always room to save money and although there are a lot of apps out there that hunt down coupons or discount codes, it's usually when you are standing in the checkout line you remember to search for them and it's a race to find them before the total button s pushed. So a new app for Android...
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Uber Updates App To Save Frequently Used Destinations

Good news for Uber travelers who are directionally challenged. The transportation network has updated their app so that you’ll never have to remember a specific address. The "Saved Places" feature now allows you to save any address you input. So when you head over to Steve and Marcy's place, you...
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