The Elevator Button That Doesn't Work On Purpose

If you've ever repeatedly pushed the 'door close' button on an elevator and thought, 'It's like this thing doesn't actually work,' you are about to find out that you are correct. Over the Memorial Day weekend, a passenger aboard an elevator posted a picture of the elevator button panel and...
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Drinking Coffee Helps You Workout Better

A study conducted by a physiology professor at the University of Sao Paulo suggests that there's a real, scientifically verifiable link between caffine and more effective workouts. Professor Bruno Gualano decided to test this theory because he's both an exercise buff and a huge coffee drinker. So...
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Placebo Buttons: Elevator Door, Crosswalk & Thermostats

Unless there is an out of order sign across it, you'd expect buttons to do what they say they'll do, like close elevator doors, turn the A/C temperate down or activate cross walk signs. Come to find out, many buttons are nothing but lies. For instance, cross walk signals. While some actually do...
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