social distancing

Social-Physical Distancing Calculator

This Social Distancing Calculator shows precisely how individual actions can save lives.
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Order A Life-Size Cardboard Cutout For Instant Company During COVID-19 Isolation

Cardboard Cutout Standees makes custom cardboard cutouts of the special people in your life, and since they’re made true-to-size, you can pose with them for photos until it’s safe to celebrate together in real life
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Last Will and Testament

Creating a Will Or Trust In The Age Of Coronavirus

Online will company Gentreo has seen a 143% increase in business due to the coronavirus pandemic,
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Young Children Showing Signs Of Neck and Back Damage From Viewing Phones

While parents worry about kids hurting their eyes from viewing a computer or phone screen all day, another concern is the constant downward posture of their heads looking at their phones. Physical therapists are noticing an increase of children with what they call "text neck", related to having...
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Signs That You Are Overdoing It

Sometimes you don't realize you've been working too much. Oftentimes our body will tell us when we need to take a break, we just won't listen to it. However you're not at your best when you are stretching your mind and body much farther than is healthy. So know the signs that you may need to slow...
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You Should Do These Items At Least Once A Year

We are just hours away from the beginning of a new year! This exciting time gives us a chance to reflect on the current year and perhaps all the things we should've done but didn't. But not to worry, here are some of the things you should do at least once a year. Get a physical. An annual checkup...
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The Most Underrated Exercise Program You Should Take Up

Seems there's an exercise program released every week and each one is better than the rest. But consider what experts say is the most underrated exercise program of all, walking. As simple as it sounds, walking has impressive mental and physical benefits. Walking improves fitness, cardiac health,...
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Signs Your Gift Is A Dud

It never fails, there's always one gift you receive that is horrible. A recent survey found that out of 2,000 Americans, 74% admitted to faking an enthusiastic reaction to a gift and 8 in 10 confess to lying to someone's face about how much they like or love a horrible gift. But how can you tell if...
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