Child Smart Watch

Consider Getting Your Child A Smart Watch Before A Phone

While there are some benefits of your child having a phone, such as knowing their location, instantly communicate with them and it keeps them busy on a long car ride, internet safety, cyberbullying, and screen time might outnumber the reasons for a young child to have a cell phone.
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Genius Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Cell Phones

There's a good chance you've got a drawer old, outdated cell phones and there may be some use for those phones with these genius uses for them.
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Service Sues Robocallers On Your Behalf

Robo Revenge is a service that lets you sue the unwanted caller for up to $3,000 per call.
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Woman, 36, Arrested After Calling 911 to Complain About Parents Cutting Off Phone

Mom, dad, turn on the phone! A 36-year-old Ohio woman is facing legal trouble after repeatedly calling 911 to complain about her parents turning off her cell phone service, reports The Smoking Gun . Seloni Khetarpal was arrested for disrupting public services after calling the emergency police line...
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Glasses laying on cell phone with News on screen

Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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Android Apps That Promise To Clean And Speed Up Your Phone Is Probably A Scam

Andoid phone apps that promise to clean and speed up your phone are mostl likely a scam to load your phone with Malware.
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Florida Woman Arrested For Calling 911 About Filing Divorce

A Largo, Florida woman was arrested Friday for misusing 911 by calling and texting the number to make non-criminal complaints about her husband.
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The Most Popular Days To Call Out Sick

The most popular days to call out sick in 2019.
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Renew Your Passport Easily With This Phone App

You get an email about an amazing trip aboard that is a fantastic bargain. However If you don't have a valid passport, you can forget those one-on-a-lifetime trips. It’s hard to remember to renew your passport until it’s too late—and even if you do remember, it can be a pretty time-consuming...
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Avoid Using A Public USB Charging Station

Nothing gives you a sense of relief than to see a place to charge your phone. But beware of charging your device using a public USB port as it could cause you a world of problems. The issue is that public USB ports can potentially be hacked so that they install data-stealing malware onto your phone...
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