The Perfect temperature To Serve Soup

Finding the right temperature for soup can be difficult. On one hand, few culinary experiences are as unsatisfying as sipping on a lukewarm broth. On the other hand, nobody enjoys burning their taste buds to a crisp either! Studies confirm what chefs have long suspected: Temperature affects the...
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How To Become A Great Gift-Giver

How is it that certain people always seem to pick out the best gifts? While it appears they have a knack for picking out perfection, the key is very simple. The key to giving a good gift is being a good listener. It's about really listening to what that person's interests are and their hobbies,...
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Picking Out The Perfect Pumpkin

By now you've thought of how to design this year's jack-o-lantern and a trip to the pumpkin patch is all that's left. Believe it or not, not all pumpkins are the same. There are several varieties all of which have their pros and cons depending on what you want from your gourd. Carving pumpkins are...
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Exact Time to Dunk an Oreo, According to Science

The perfect amount of time you should be dunking your Oreos, actually backed by research, is...
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