Parking Spot In NYC On Sale For $300,000

Ask a real estate agent the secret to selling property and they'll say, "Location, Location, Location." That holds true for any property including a parking space. In the pricey Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope, where homes sell for more than a million dollars and rent averages around $3,000 a...
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VIDEO: Parking Ticket Issued Because Car Parked Two Seconds Too Early

No one likes getting a traffic ticket, especially when you receive a parking ticket because you pulled your car into a spot two seconds too early. Providence, Rhode Island, home of the most stringent parking enforcement department in the country, also has a local weekly TV show that follow traffic...
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Man Get Parking Ticket For Idling Car In His Own Driveway

With some of the coldest air in recent memory gripping much of the country, it would stand to reason more people will be warming up their cars before heading into work, by starting them in their driveway a few minutes before leaving home. Taylor Trupiano of Roseville, Michigan did just that last...
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Car Lost In Parking Garage For Six Months

We've all had that moment where we forgot where we parked our car. Usually after a few minutes were able to find it, however that wasn't the case for one man. Back in June 2016, he borrowed his friend's BMW to attend a Stone Roses concert in Manchester, England. We can only imagine the man's...
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Florida Mother Disputes Charges After Delivering Baby In The Hospital Parking Lot

This sounds more like a scene from a movie than real life. Paula and Joseph were prepared to welcome their daughter, Daniella, into the world. After 9 months the moment arrived and Daniella was ready to make her debut in April. Unfortunately, traffic in Boca Raton can be tough to navigate and as...
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