Most Disagreements Between Kids and Parents End In A Draw

Raising kids is no simple task-- it's a constant battle to raise them into good people. Recently a poll of parents of kids ages two to 12 reveals they have 2,184 arguments with their children each year. That's an average of six per day, with more than half are about food and drink. Kids not eating...
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Splitting Up Your Family When Flying Might Be Genius

Traveling with younger kids can be a challenge to say the least. Parents have devised strategies to keep their kids entertained, safe and themselves sane. But with modern air travel of TSA lines, flight delays and crowded airplanes, one set of parents suggest you fly separately for your sanity! So...
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Riskiest Age For A Teenager Is 14

When it comes to our children, many think the most dangerous age is 2, or at the very least it's terrible! But experts put the most risky age our kids reach is 14. A neuroscientist says that adolescence is a time of big change, from the beginning of puberty around 11 or 12 to the late teens/early...
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Grandparents Aren't Too Wild Over The Names Of Their Grandchildren

Choosing the name of your child is no easy feat. While some names have been kept tucked away inside your brain for years, you still have to navigate through family traditions, current trends, and of course their own wishes. And through all this vetting you are still not making your parents happy...
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The Key To Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables Is To Keep Trying

Healthy eating habits are developed in our early years and for many kids vegetables are a hard sell. Tight-lipped when a green bean approaches their mouth? Keep trying is the advice from a new study that say the most effective way of getting greens into their diet is to keep offering vegetables,...
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Florida Sheriff Deputy Watches Newborn While Parents Finish Meal

Parents trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant can find themselves in an impossible challenge, especially when there is a newborn involved. Polk County Sheriff Deputy Chris Brackin was on his dinner break Saturday night at a restaurant when he noticed a couple struggling to finish their dinner...
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