How To Convince The People To Take COVID-19 Seriosuly

We now have a virus that spreads like the common cold, but as deadly as a heart attack, with the mortality rate for coronavirus and a heart attack is basically the same, at 15% for anyone over 55 years old.
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Santa texting

Receive Texts From Santa Claus

Santa may be pushing 1,750 years old, but he can still learn a new trick or two. Even though we are in Santa's busiest month, we can keep in touch with him via text. SlickText, a mass text message marketing platform, is getting in the Christmas spirit this year by helping distribute text messages...
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Why We Call Loved Ones By The Wrong Name

Many of us have been called the wrong name by a parent, have confused the names of our closest friends or even called out new love by the name of an ex! But while social etiquette dictates we correctly identity the individuals closest to us, errors occur more frequently than we would like, known as...
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Rental Agreements Beginning In Summer Months Generally Cost More

Think the rent is too high? Then you’ll want to avoid signing a new lease during the summer. A new report from Zillow Group finds that renting at the peak can cost consumers more than $100 a month! Job growth, school schedules and even the weather can influence the amount of demand in the rental...
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Keep Your Kids Reading For Pleasure With These Tips

A new report confirms what many parents already know. The percentage of kids defined as frequent readers, considered those who read books for fun five to seven days a week, drops from 57% among 8-year-olds to 35% among 9-year-olds. It's called the “decline by nine” phenomenon. While 9-year olds...
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Parents Lose Sleep Up To Six Years After Bringing Home A Newborn

It's no secret that new parents get little sleep during the first few months after welcoming home their family's latest addition. However it may take up to six years for parents to get back into their regular sleeping habits! The report look at over 4,000 new mothers and fathers of their first,...
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Nearly 90% Of Parents Say They're Shameless In Stealing Their Kid's Halloween Candy

Tonight parent's remorse takes a back seat as a recent poll found that 86% of parents shamelessly steal candy from their children's Halloween haul! A poll of two thousand people found out that although we limit how many pieces our kids can have, we go full force candy-binge, especially when they go...
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Parents Have 32 Minutes To Themselves Daily

Hey Mom and Dad, you have a whopping 32 minutes a day to yourselves! A study of 2,000 moms and dads found that the typical parent has just over 30 minutes to themselves every day once work and parenting duties are completed for the day. And, with free time hard to come by, parents said they take to...
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Most Disagreements Between Kids and Parents End In A Draw

Raising kids is no simple task-- it's a constant battle to raise them into good people. Recently a poll of parents of kids ages two to 12 reveals they have 2,184 arguments with their children each year. That's an average of six per day, with more than half are about food and drink. Kids not eating...
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Splitting Up Your Family When Flying Might Be Genius

Traveling with younger kids can be a challenge to say the least. Parents have devised strategies to keep their kids entertained, safe and themselves sane. But with modern air travel of TSA lines, flight delays and crowded airplanes, one set of parents suggest you fly separately for your sanity! So...
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