Facebook Pages The Share Delivery Drivers Interactions With Dogs

The interactions between parcel carriers and dogs has long been portrayed as adversarial. However there is a Facebook page that is working to reverse that stereotype. UPS Dogs shares pictures of dogs UPS delivery workers see on their mail routes. The page shows cute dogs of various breeds kissing,...
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Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Holiday shopping is moving along at a swift pace simply because, it has to, as we enter the month of December. If you want all of your holiday gifts to arrive on time this year, you'd better finish your gift shopping soon. Don't be fooled into thinking you've got a lot f time left to drop those...
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Package Delivery Companies Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Seems like your packages are being delayed a bit in delivery? You would be correct in that assumption. The trend of online shopping and free delivery offered by retailers means more packages in transit and even through UPS and FedEx were prepared for it, they may have underestimated it for the...
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